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Welcome to LeasePLUS Group. An extensive suite of companies, providing financial and IT Solutions for a vast range of industries. The group of companies that we are today has grown through our determination to offer the highest quality customer service and advanced solutions

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Novated Leasing is the smartest and cheapest way to have the car you love.

You can lease a car in your name via your employer and LeasePLUS. With Novated Leasing, all your expenses such as fuel, tyres, insurance, maintenance, repairs and even the vehicle's finance are budgeted over the life of the lease.


Salary Packaging allows employees to pay for certain expenses with pre-tax salary, lowering their taxable income so they may pay less tax.

An effective Salary Packaging arrangement can position you as an employer of choice allowing employees to structure their salary to achieve considerable tax savings.
Salary packaging covers a wide range of benefits
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Our highly trained Personal Mortgage Team is committed to providing clients with the highest quality home loans combined with some of the lowest mortgage rates available in Australia.
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Car Leasing Options is committed to ongoing, outstanding performance that embraces leading business practice and innovation necessary for success.

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IdacsPLUS, a leading provider of manufacturing software and consultancy services for Australia.

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SafeCode delivers the highest possible service experience through industry leading best business practices and innovation.

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MyVehiclePlus is an innovative content aggregation mobile app providing information on all new cars In Australia.

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MyCardPlus is the convenient and hassle-free solution for Salary Packaging Payments.

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MyInsuranceSolutions is a new platform set to revolutionise the traditional underwriter-broker and broker-client relationships

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MyFundingBox is an innovative platform designed to provide funding into the novated leasing market.